Discover Putumayo

In this expedition we will discover the secrets of the ancient tradition of shamanism in the wildest part of the world, the Amazon, in Colombia. The Amazon rainforest stretches from southern Colombia to Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. The south-eastern part of Colombia is the Putumayo and Amazon region. The Upper Putumayo is the bridge between the Andes and the Amazon.

Sibundoy, where Taita Juan was born, lies in a valley between green mountains from which it got its name, surrounded by three volcanoes. The magic of this original ancient tribe, the Kamentsa, who according to their myths has lived there for more than twelve thousand years, is preserved there. Above this beautiful emerald valley, the clouds seem to protect this area from curious visitors. In fact, in order to get there, there is already an adventure: extensive serpentines over stony paths through the mountains, overrun by natural waterfalls, one reaches the valley.

Sibundoy is the cradle of Taitas. As a living part of their social and cultural identity, Taitas (or shamans as they are called in the Western world) continue to play a very important role in society. Knowledge of the plants and the rituals of magic, love for Pacha Mama and respect for the spirit are her identity. Sibundoy is one of the first stops on our journey.

In February our visit takes place together with the “Carnival of Forgiveness”. An important festival for the municipality of Kamentsa, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also a day of thanks to Mother Earth for the gifts she has received, especially for the corn that is the basis of her diet.

Our route continues to Mocoa, a welcoming village surrounded by beautiful rivers, waterfalls and jungles. There we are building our own harmonization center, the Pinta Yage Healing Center.

We will navigate the Putumayo River, one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon and the backbone of this region. The power of nature shows itself in the way. We will cross the three borders and leave Ecuador on one side and Colombia on the other. And we will travel to Peru to share the medicine with other Amazon peoples.

We will hold ceremonies on various reservations and learn about healing rituals from other indigenous peoples and traditions. We visit the communities of Siona, Inga, Cofanes and Boras. They will welcome us to their holy place. We are very grateful that we are allowed to enter this protected area.

In addition to yage, various healing treatments are offered. An individual treatment by each shaman is possible at any time. With our support we want to help the community to preserve its identity, culture and way of life. What we can learn from them is immeasurable in every respect.

We will participate in a Yagé preparation ceremony, reduce the thick vine with wooden hammers and boil it to medicine.

A journey to the lungs of the earth, the Amazon and a journey back to our own heart.

This journey should lead us out of our comfort zone, out of our everyday life and our routine. A transformation process from which we will return.

A deep therapy with the master plant, together with the ancient wisdom of humanity.