Shamans have used this medicine for thousands of years. Rapé is especially used in ceremonies with Yagé or Ayahuasca. Among many other medical indications, Rapé helps to reach the higher levels of one’s consciousness and universal consciousness. It activates the chakras, decalcifies the pineal gland, cleanses and detoxifies. Rapé is very effective for sinusitis and sinus cleaning, as well as for rhinitis and headaches. It is an energetic harmonizer. The restless thoughts of the mind are silenced, while toxins are excreted on a physical level.

Rapé is the name in South America for medicine, which is produced in the form of a very fine powder from the tobacco plant, blown through the nostrils through a bamboo cane or a small bone. Each indigenous people uses its own mixture of tobacco and the ashes of certain trees. As with any herbal medicine, the shaman advises to take snuff with a clear intention.