Yagé is used as a natural remedy in the Amazon region, it consists of various plants that are traditionally cooked together.
It has been used for thousands of years as a medicine for healing the physical and energetic-mental body.
As a homeopathic medicine it has a detoxifying effect on the body. A release of toxins and pollutants, free the body from the accumulated negative energies.
The treatment with Yagé is a very deep cleansing on an energetic and physical level, which allows the person to penetrate the deepest part of his consciousness. Solving traumas, energetic blockages, unassimilated situations, etc. that could cause physical or mental illness.





Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, neuroses, panic attacks, personality disorders, low self-esteem, eating disorders, trauma, hopelessness, apathy, depression, addiction and other diseases are traditionally treated and cured in indigenous culture with Yagé.
Yagé is also used to support the body and mind in physical, such as degenerative diseases.
Yagé is also said to activate the kidneys and remedy skin problems (acne, neurodermatitis, dermatitis….) through this detoxification process. Diabetes is also a disease traditionally treated with Yagé.

According to traditional medicine, most diseases, both physical and mental, originate on the emotional and energetic levels. Yagé connects us to our true nature to heal the deepest wounds.

Yagé is a tool that gives you the possibility to analyze your psyche from another perspective and thus promotes energetic and spiritual evolution.
The discovery of the connection to the ancestors enables to free from intergenerational disorders.
Thanks to our connection with consciousness, we can achieve a deep and inner understanding of natural processes such as life, death and the fundamental existential question.

The state of deep inner reflection allows us to receive new answers and orientations for life in order to lead a better and fuller existence.


Legal situation

In Europe, the legal status of the therapeutic use of Yagé varies from country to country. The UN recognises the traditional practice of using this plant as a healing method and promotes its defence. The lawfulness of its use is reserved to each country. Some of its components are banned in some countries such as France and Germany. The vine caapi is legal in most countries. As an organization that acts within the law, we adapt to the rules of each country when using different components. More information at: Ayahuasca Defense