Yopo is the seed of a tree. Like Yagé, it has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years. In combination with Yagé it allows access to the unconscious and spiritual world.
Its application is to cleanse the pineal gland.

Our mind has the prerequisites for an expanded consciousness.
Many factors can prevent us from entering the field of consciousness of harmony and self-healing. We ourselves block our faith, our negative energies keep us away and not least substances such as fluoride, drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition etc. block our pineal gland.
During the therapeutic process, the patient and the shaman, TOGETHER, on another level of reality, recognize the energetic blockage, the origin of the problem. That’s why the shaman’s energy work is so important. It creates a protective, energetic atmosphere for the group. He helps people to go through their process and transcend it.


Healing at all levels can occur when we perform this sacred ritual with an experienced shaman.
A trained Taita has the knowledge and experience of his tribe and ancestors, who eventually all safely lead us through the rising waves of deeply hidden wounds to accompany us in light of the experiences of divinity connection.
By cleansing the pineal gland, creativity and joie de vivre return. This gives us unimaginable energy and power.